[Trilinos-Users] need some help with Isorropia

Jonas Thies J.Thies at rug.nl
Fri Jul 11 05:47:54 MDT 2008

Hi all,

I am trying to solve a load-balancing problem, can anyone give me some
advice or pointer to further reading? I have no experience with Zoltan
and the like, so maybe this is trivial.

Here's the setting:

I compute the Jacobian of a set of 6 coupled nonlinear PDE on a
structured grid based on a simple 2D decomposition of the 3D rectangular 
domain where everyone has (roughly) the same subdomain size. Before 
solving the linear system, I would like to redistribute it based on 
vertex weights (which I determine from physical properties) and 
communication issues (minimal edge cut) under the constraints that
(a) the six dof in each grid cell stay together
(b) the z-direction shouldn't be split up (the decomposition should 
remain 2D but the domains needn't be rectangular in the x/y directions 
for the solve).

thanks for your help,

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