[Trilinos-Users] IFPACK ILUT far slower than AztecOO buitin ILUT

Davood Ansari david.ansari at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 09:10:26 MST 2008

I am using AztecOO to solve large linear problems resulting with very high
order (up to 12th) finite elements.
My experiments have lead to some thing which is a little bit annoying to me.
I observe that IFPACK's "ILUT" and "ILUT stand-alone" preconditioner  are
far  more  slower than  those of  AztecOO ( and even slower than Intel MKL).
The difference is very very big (abnormal) in  general and I  wonder if
there is a trick or tweak or at least a fundamental difference in IFPACK's
preconditioners. I wonder if I can observe similar performances using IFPACK
by adjusting certain variables etc.

Please comment

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