[Trilinos-Users] Anasazi Examples using preconditioner

Davood Ansari david.ansari at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 21:44:15 MST 2008

Hi every one

Recently started using Anasazi, I am trying to solve big eigen problems
and hence I need to use conditioners with it. I managed to write a code that
passes and IFPACK preconditioner to Anasazi but I see no performance
and the solver even fails in many cases. My example problem it the result of
a high order
FE analysis over the Laplace operator. I suspect that I have not understood
the meaning of
a preconditioner  a required by Anasazi. Let's say I have a Boundary Value
Problem that
solves by

A x = B y (x is the unknown)
the preconditioner here would be P~=A^(-1)

then when I deal with an eigen problem
A x = lambda B x
is the preconditioner (as required by Anasazi) P~=A^(-1)

are you aware of any useful examples in this regard ?

Many thanks
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