[Trilinos-Users] Amesos SuperLU_DIST, MUMPS, and other interfaces

James Willenbring jmwille at sandia.gov
Thu Dec 18 14:42:29 MST 2008



I am interested in knowing if anyone has tested Amesos in Trilinos 9.0 with
newer versions of 3PLs than those listed on the website.  I know that Amesos
does not work with the latest versions of MUMPS.  The versions listed on the
website for all of the 3PLs are:


UMFPACK version 4.4 

TAUCS version 2.2 

PARDISO version 1.2.3 (prototype) 

SuperLU version 3.0 

SuperLU_DIST version 2.0 

DSCPACK version 1.0 

SCALAPACK version 1.7 

MUMPS version 4.7.3


Please reply if you have successfully used a newer version of any of the
3PLs than what is listed above.  Also, indicate whether or not you had to
modify any Amesos code to use the 3PL.  If you are willing to share your
modifications, it would be greatly appreciated.





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