[Trilinos-Users] Help, Epetra and Complex Equivalent Problem

Heroux, Michael A maherou at sandia.gov
Thu Dec 18 12:04:43 MST 2008


Just to follow up on Heidi's comment, Komplex_LinearProblem is exactly the class you need.  It is new to Trilinos 9.0 and works well with the rest of Trilinos.


On 12/18/08 11:49 AM, "Thornquist, Heidi K" <hkthorn at sandia.gov> wrote:

Hi Davood,

If you look at the Komplex_LinearProblem class in the komplex package, it seems to have what you want.
It is a general expression for a complex matrix that takes Epetra_CrsMatrix and Epetra_MultiVector objects as
arguments.  You can then extract an Epetra_LinearProblem from this class and use it in another
Trilinos solver/preconditioner.


On 12/18/08 10:24 AM, "Davood Ansari" <david.ansari at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all

I have a complex matrix problem to solve (FEM matrices) :

(Ar + j Ai) x = b
where x = xr + j xi
and b=br + j bi

I have got the real and imaginary parts of the matrix A and the RHS b assembled in separate arrays (i.e. Ar Ai br bi).
I know that this is equal to a real matrix problem of twice the dimensions:

Ar -Ai
Ai  Ar


So I would like to construct this equivalent Epetra_LinearProblem without having to store the Ar and Ai (-Ai) twice for each.
I know that the komplex package would probably do this but I would rather use some thing based on Epetra since I already have
the matrices ready to go in Epetra_CrsMatrix objects.

Please Advise

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