[Trilinos-Users] Segmentation fault in Writing WHIRL file phase. [Incident: 080819-000016]

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Thu Aug 21 15:17:09 MDT 2008

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Segmentation fault in Writing WHIRL file phase.

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Response (Katie Antypas) - 08/21/2008 14:17
Hi Kevin,

We have a group at the lab, the ACTS group who maintain and support Trilinos.  They are all a part of an ACTS workshop happening this week at the lab so I'm not sure if they will get back to you until that is over so I will see if I can help you.  I googled the 'whirl' error and found a number of references to a pathscale compiler error, although the documentation seems to indicate that this was fixed in version 2.5.  Here is the configuration we used to build Trilinos on Jacquard.

../configure --prefix=/usr/common/acts/Trilinos/8.0.8/LINUX_MPI \
--enable-mpi --with-mpi-compilers \
--disable-default-packages \
--disable-teuchos \
--enable-epetra \
--enable-aztecoo \
--enable-triutils \
--enable-amesos \
--enable-ifpack \
--enable-nox-epetra \
--enable-anasazi \
--enable-didasko \
--enable-epetraext \
--with-lapack="$ACML" \
--enable-didasko | tee configure_LINUX_MPI.log

I will try to follow up on the pathscale compiler error and also get you in touch with the ACTs group.  Please let me know if you make any progress.


Katie Antypas
NERSC User Services Group

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