[Trilinos-Users] How global is Epetra_CrsMatrix::InsertGlobalValues?

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Sun Aug 17 21:39:24 MDT 2008


Although it is a bit of an abuse, Epetra_FECrsMatrix supports this capability.  A more efficient approach would be to use the Export capabilities in Epetra, see the Epetra tutorial for details, or the Epetra_Export in the online documentation:


In general we do not support arbitrary insertions in Epetra_CrsMatrix for efficiency reasons.


On 8/17/08 7:38 PM, "Tudor Buican" <tudor at timb.com> wrote:

Hi everybody.

I have a situation in which only one process can access the data used to
build a CrsMatrix. One would imagine that there should be a way for that
processor to insert each {row, column, value} entry globally, regardless
of where that row/column combination resides. However, the only method I
can think of, i.e., EpetraCrsMatrix::InsertGlobalValues, seems to accept
only global indices that map to the process that is doing the inserting.
I may be missing something here, but is there a way for one process to
insert values transparently (given that all the relevant maps are
already in place) at ANY row/column combination?

Thank you.

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