[Trilinos-Users] Problems with make ML packages interface with matlab

Xiaoning Shen flyingflysxn at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 10:23:34 MDT 2008

I am trying to establish the interface between ML preconditioner with

According to the user guide, I installed matlab 2008, adding
--with-ml-matlab and the relevant path to the exec and root for matlab, and
passed the phase of configuration, but when in make ml/matlab, the command
line show that make cannot find corresponding files for "all-am"  to
generate ml.m.

Previously, without the additional configure command on linkage between ml
and matlab, I configured and make the program successfully, passing all of
14 examples under ML packages.

Does anyone share the same experience with me?

Best regards, thanks

Shen Xiaoning
Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering, Peking University
Beijing, China
Address: BLD 38 ROOM 614, Peking University
Postal code:100871

Homepage: http://stephen.shenxiaoning.googlepages.com/
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