[Trilinos-Users] Performance of InsertGlobalValue() in Epetra

andrea3.villa at mail.polimi.it andrea3.villa at mail.polimi.it
Sat Apr 19 02:16:31 MDT 2008

I'm not using MPI at all. This function is called sereval times by a  
FE assemble routine. The local matrix inserted is 16 rows, 16 coloumns.

Thanks, Andrea.

Citando "Williams, Alan B" <william at sandia.gov>:

> Thanks Andrea,
> One more question: did you run your program in parallel (more than   
> one MPI process) or serial (1 MPI process, or no MPI at all)?
> This matters because in serial the FECrsMatrix class forwards all   
> data straight through to its base class CrsMatrix. In parallel it   
> does some work on each process temporarily storing "overlapping"   
> matrix coefficients that belong on other processes.
> Alan

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