[Trilinos-Users] Performance of InsertGlobalValue() in Epetra

andrea3.villa at mail.polimi.it andrea3.villa at mail.polimi.it
Thu Apr 17 08:16:43 MDT 2008


I've a problem assembling a FECrsMatrix, in particoular in the
InsertGlobalValue() function. While on my laptop an assemble process
of a 500.000 row square matrix takes about 50 seconds, on my workstation
it takes about 2300 seconds. I've made a profile of the code I've found
that the difference is inside the InsertGlobalValue() function.

The laptop is:
2.5Ghz Intel T9300 (4Mb cache), 4Gb ram, with OS: Suse 10.3

The worstation is:
2.0Ghz AMD Opteron 8212 (1Mb cache), 16Gb ram, with OS: Scientific
Linux 5.0

On both I've installed Trilinos 8.0.5, with this flags:
FFLAGS="-O5 -funroll-all-loops -ftree-vectorize"

Have anyone experienced a similar problem?
Any idea to close the gap?

Thanks for any help,

    Andrea V.

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