[Trilinos-Users] Ifpack_IC: Meaning of level-of-fill

Rony Speck speckro at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 10 04:33:18 MDT 2008

Hi there

I'm using the preconditioner Ifpack_IC. There is a parameter called "level-of-fill" that controls the amount of fill-in. Here is how I set the parameter:

Teuchos::ParameterList ifpackList;
ifpackList.set("fact: level-of-fill", 2);

According to the 8.0 version (which I'm using) of the documentation for IFPACK the parameter has the following meaning. If level-of-fill is set to 0 then it takes the original non-zero structure. If it is greater than zero then the amount of fill-in is determined by looking at the graph of the previous level and combining the entries. This is done recursively. In the comments inside the source code for IFPACK level-of-fill is defined to be the maximum number of non-zero elements per row. Which is now the correct meaning of level-of-fill?

Many thanks for your answers
Rony Speck

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