[Trilinos-Users] Isorropia_config.h?

Williams, Alan B william at sandia.gov
Mon Sep 10 17:15:19 MDT 2007

Clearly Isorropia_autoheader.h should be included in the files that get
copied by the 'make install' target. I will fix that and let you know
when it's fixed.
Also, I can't remember why it isn't named Isorropia_config.h. Some
arbitrary decision, with no real reason.


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> Hi,
> I've been wondering if Isorropia comes with a proper 
> autoheader just like other packages do. My understanding is 
> that Isorropia_autoheader.h in the package source directory 
> has to be included rather than through the standard 
> *_config.h which will be copied to the designated directory 
> after installation.
> This is not a big deal but I thought it somehow inconvenient 
> because Isorropia_autoheader.h will not be installed by 
> ordinary "make install".
> Thanks,
> Ryuta
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