[Trilinos-Users] error with 'make install' for Teuchos with PyTrilinos

Randall Bramley bramley at cs.indiana.edu
Wed Jul 25 08:02:02 MDT 2007

> but then it fails. It seems that the makefile in
> packages/teuchos/python/src is ignoring the above 'make install' flags,
> and just going ahead and instlaling the stuff in /usr. See below for the
> error.

I'm not on the Trilinos team, and you should take my advice with a heavy
dose of salt. But sometimes a new shell is fired off when doing hierarchical
makefile builds. You should try to (temporarily) set those definitions in
your .cshrc or .bashrc file, so that they are picked up by any new shell.

It's a problem I've encountered on several other packages, and in particular
when building some Gentoo ebuilds. That seems to solve the problem usually.

This is just a temporary suggestion until the real Trilinos masters can

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