[Trilinos-Users] --enable-opt enough?

Michael A Heroux maherou at sandia.gov
Wed Dec 26 17:21:21 MST 2007


Since overall performance is largely determined by Epetra kernel
performance, the most important way to make sure you are getting good
performance is to go through the Epetra Performance Optimization Guide:


This will suggest compiler flags, in particular for Fortran since the key
sparse matrix kernels in Epetra are written in Fortran.  If you are using
ML, then CFLAGS is also important.  For C++, CXXFLAGS is how to get better
optimization options.  Using ³-O² for C and C++ and then ­O3 for Fortran
(plus a few others as documented in the above guide) should be a reasonable


On 12/26/07 2:51 PM, "David Neckels" <dneckels at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I was just wondering if adding '--enable-opt' on the configure line is enough
> to get the (reasonably) best performance from epetra, aztecoo, ml, etc..?  I
> just noticed that the debugger sometimes still lands in Trilinos routines and
> wasn't sure if I had a truly optimized build.
> --Or should I add compiler flags to 'CXXFLAGS', etc...?  I'm not interested in
> platform specific optimizations, but just wanted to verify I am not getting
> sub-optimal performance with '--enable-opt' alone...
> -David Neckels
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