[Trilinos-Users] Trouble using Ifpack

Davood Ansari david.ansari at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 11:12:37 MST 2007

Hi every one

Maybe some one you can help me out:

I get the following compilation error:

../sources/parpoissons.cxx(460): error: no instance of overloaded function
"Ifpack::Create" matches the argument list
            argument types are: (std::string, Epetra_FECrsMatrix, int)
            object type is: Ifpack
        Ifpack_Preconditioner* Prec = Factory.Create(PrecType, A,
 when I try to compile the following chunk :  ( A is a Epetra_FECrsMatrix )

# include "Teuchos_ParameterList.hpp"
# include "Teuchos_RefCountPtr.hpp"

# include "Ifpack_ConfigDefs.h"
# include "Ifpack_Preconditioner.h"
# include " Ifpack.h"
    Ifpack Factory;

    string PrecType = "ILU"; // use incomplete LU on each process
    int OverlapLevel = 1; // one row of overlap among the processes
    Ifpack_Preconditioner* Prec = Factory.Create(PrecType, A, OverlapLevel);

I use this compilation string (in my makefile)

MKL_IP = /opt/intel/mkl/10.0.011/include
MKL_LP = /opt/intel/mkl/10.0.011/lib/em64t
MKL_LL = -lmkl_solver -lmkl_lapack -lguide -lpthread -lmkl
Tri_IP = /opt/Trilinos/Parallel/include
Tri_LP = /opt/Trilinos/Parallel/lib
Tri_LL = -lamesos -lanasazi -laztecoo -lbelos -lepetra -lepetraext -lgaleri
-lifpack -lloca -lml -lnew_package -lnox -lrtop -lstratimikos
-lstratimikosamesos -lstratimikosaztecoo -lstratimikosifpack -lstratimikosml
-lteuchos -lthyra -lthyraepetra -lthyraepetraext -ltriutils
mpiicpc ../sources/parpoissons.cxx -I$(MKL_IP) -L$(MKL_LP) $(MKL_LL)
-I$(Tri_IP) -L$(Tri_LP) $(Tri_LL) -o ./parpoissons $(OPTIONS1)

Can you be any chance tell what is going wrong in there ?

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