[Trilinos-Users] How to copy data from one Epetra_FEVector toanother

Williams, Alan B william at sandia.gov
Wed Dec 19 10:16:27 MST 2007

You should be able to do it with an Epetra_Import object.
Something like this:
Epetra_FEVector& source = ...
Epetra_FEVector& target = ...
Epetra_Import importer(target.Map(), source.Map());
target.Import(source, importer, Insert);


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	Subject: [Trilinos-Users] How to copy data from one
Epetra_FEVector toanother
	I have two vectors ( Epetra_FEVectors of equal lengths)
constructed under different conditions and from different maps.
	What I need is an efficient way  to copy the data from one
vector to another. Note that I cannot construct the second 
	vector using a copy type constructor from the first one. What I
need is only the data from the first vector.

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