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Michael A Heroux maherou at sandia.gov
Sun Dec 9 12:03:36 MST 2007


There is a class specifically for your situation: EpetraFECrsMatrix.  It
derives from Epetra_CrsMatrix and handles redistribution of local element
contribution that should be sent  other processors when completing the
global assembly.

Is this what you are looking for?


On 12/9/07 12:16 AM, "Davood Ansari" <david.ansari at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I am new to Trilinos.
> I am assembling a FEM CRS matrix in Epetra.
> I have divided the matrix in row section by the number of available
> processors.
> Now when each process starts the Assembly of the global matrix it come to
> the point where is has to update a row of the global matrix which does not to
> the process itself. Thus it cannot be added to that portion of the global
> matrix
> using matrix attribute methods etc. Rather I think I have to send this row of
> the matrix to the appropriate process to be assembled there. This involves in
> rather complicated MPI communications. What I am wondering is that there
> should
> be some kind of Export (Import) functionality for Epetra_Crs_Matrix to handle
> the situation. Please advise !
> Davood
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