[Trilinos-Users] Strange Problem Using View Mode

Davood Ansari david.ansari at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 21:04:23 MST 2007


I have built my Trilinos using intel's compilers mpi library.
Every thing seems to work fine. Yet when I use the "View"
mode when constructing objects It comes across all sorts of
strange problems. For example when I try to construct my
Epetra_Crs Matrix form a ready made Crs_Graph:

    Epetra_CrsMatrix A(Copy, Graph) ;

every thing is fine but the following leads to runtime errors:

    Epetra_CrsMatrix A(View, Graph) ;
for example when I try to get a cout << endl << A this is what I get :*

mpirun -np 2 ./parpoissons
WARNING: Can't read mpd.hosts for list of hosts, start only on current

Dec  8 11:57:17         PID1: Assembling FE Sparse Matrix Structure ...
Dec  8 11:57:17                 PID1: Loading MeshData.gms ...

Dec  8 11:57:17         PID0: Assembling FE Sparse Matrix Structure ...
Dec  8 11:57:17                 PID0: Loading MeshData.gms ...



Number of Global Rows        = 29
Number of Global Cols        = 29
Number of Global Diagonals   = 29
Number of Global Nonzeros    = 165
Global Maximum Num Entries   = 9

Number of My Rows        = 15
Number of My Cols        = 29
Number of My Diagonals   = 15
Number of My Nonzeros    = 71
My Maximum Num Entries   = 5

Number of My Rows        = 14
Number of My Cols        = 29
Number of My Diagonals   = 14
Number of My Nonzeros    = 94
My Maximum Num Entries   = 9

   Processor    Row Index    Col Index           Value
rank 0 in job 1  davood_55948   caused collective abort of all ranks
  exit status of rank 0: killed by signal 11
I had a similar run time issue when using "View" mode for constructing the
Crs_Graph as well.
In that case the Fill.Compelete() would return -1 as a runtime error whih is
not explained in the
documents as well. Every thing works fine when I use "Copy" mode.

Is this a bug or system configuration issue ?
Please advise
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