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Long, Kevin R krlong at sandia.gov
Tue Dec 5 16:52:36 MST 2006

Dear Syed,

At present, there's no system to build either Sundance or Trilinos using Visual Studio.
They do build under cygwin (though with some limitations -- nobody's been able to figure
out how to make the Python wrappers work correctly under cygwin). 

I don't use Visual Studios myself and have no idea whether it's link-compatible with code
compiled with cygwin/gcc. I've forwarded your message to the Trilinos user's mailing list in hopes
that one of the Trilinos developers or users can help with your question.



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1.	Where might I find instructions to build Sundance using
Microsoft Visual Studio?
2.	If built with Cygwin/gcc, etc., can I link to these libraries
from code compiled under Microsoft Visual Studio?


Thanks in advance


Syed R. Husain

434-977-2764 x 105

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