[Trilinos-Users] Printing Objects Causes Hangs

Ammar T. Al-Sayegh alsayegh at purdue.edu
Sat Sep 3 20:34:44 MDT 2005

Hi All,

When I try to print objects to standard output from a single
processor, the program hangs. Consider the following code with
two processors, for example:

    // create the map. all global elements are in P0
    int nge = 0;
    if(Comm.MyPID() == 0)
        nge = 4;
    Epetra_Map Map(-1, nge, 0, Comm);

    // create the vector, populate it, and print it from P0
    Epetra_Vector x(Map);
    if(Comm.MyPID() == 0)
        cout << x;

The program hangs after printing x to standard output as P1
terminates successfully while P0 doesn't terminate. Anyone
experienced the same problem? How can it be resolved?



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