[Trilinos-Users] Solving a Reduced System

Michael A Heroux maherou at sandia.gov
Fri Oct 7 16:32:46 MDT 2005


I have attached several files that will be part of the next Trilinos
release.  The new class (SubCopy_CrsMatrix) creates a new CrsMatrix that is
a subset of row/columns of an existing matrix by asking you to provide an
new set of Epetra_Map objects describing the global rows and columns you
want as part of the reduced system.  Reduced x and B vectors can be created
directly by using an Epetra_Import object.

This very new code, but it has worked for me.  Documentation is still not
done, but ask if you have questions.  The sample driver (cxx_main.cpp)
should be somewhat helpful.


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> Hi All,
> Let's say I have a system A x = B, but I would like to solve 
> the reduced system A' x' = B', where selected rows and 
> columns are elementated from the original system. Is there an 
> easy way to do that in solving a an Epetra_LinearProblem with 
> AzetecOO solver? The only related class I found is 
> Epetra_CrsSingletonFilter, but it's for elemenating rows and 
> columns with single entries. However, I need a class or 
> function that would work with any selected rows/columns, 
> regardless of how many entries in them.
> Thanks.
> -ammar
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