[Trilinos-Users] MatrixMatrix::Add and FillComplete

Williams, Alan B william at sandia.gov
Thu Oct 6 07:21:23 MDT 2005


I can't recall any good reason for MatrixMatrix::Add to call
FillComplete on the B matrix, and in fact calling FillComplete without
specifying the domain and range maps is an error if the matrix is

I will remove the call to B.FillComplete().


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> Hi,
> In the method
> EpetraExt::MatrixMatrix::Add(A, transposeA, scalarA, B, 
> scalarB ) the matrix B is the one to which A is added (kind 
> of B*=scalarB; B+=scalarA*A).
> at input, B may be filled or not.
> Is there a reason why, if B is not filled, then B is filled 
> at the end?
> I would have expected that the FillComplete is left to the 
> user, also to allow the choice of to FillComplete(map1,map2) 
> or to perform another add where the entries are not yet fixed.
> Does somebody have an explanation, please?
> thank you very much
> Best
> Simone
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