[Trilinos-Users] Epetra_FEVector ReplaceGlobalValue

Simone Deparis deparis at MIT.EDU
Thu Nov 10 13:26:20 MST 2005

In Epetra_FEVector, the method  ReplaceGlobalValue
does actually _not_ replace a remote values, it will add it:

line 346 of Epetra_FEVector.cpp, method globalAssemble
   EPETRA_CHK_ERR( Export(nonlocalVector, exporter, Add) );

One possible, but still buggy, solution can be to change the method 
global assemble to ( in .h)

    int GlobalAssemble(const Epetra_CombineMode& CombineMode = Add);

and then modify the header of the method to
int Epetra_FEVector::GlobalAssemble(const Epetra_CombineMode& CombineMode)
and line 346 becomes:
   EPETRA_CHK_ERR( Export(nonlocalVector, exporter, CombineMode) );

As said, this is still buggy, but at least give me the chance to decide 
wether to replace or add the remote values.


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