[Trilinos-Users] Epetra_CrsMatrix and AztecOO

Bora Ucar boraucar at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 16:23:49 MST 2005


I had a problem in using a Epetra_CrsMatrix to define a linear problem and
solving the problem with AztecOO, e.g., with programs similar to
 Epetra_CrsMatrix A(Copy, Map, numNz);
// fill the matrix
 Epetra_Vector x(Map);
 Epetra_Vector b(Map);
 //initialize b
  Epetra_LinearProblem Problem(&A,&x,&b);
  AztecOO Solver(Problem);
I got the following error

AZ_extract_comm_info: Received elements must be stored after
                   all XXX local elements

and then figured out that AztecOO requires a zero free diagonal. I
added diagonal entries to A and then the solution followed smoothly.

What about Multiply member function(s) of the Epetra_CrsMatrix class?
Do I have to specify diagonal entries for these functions to compute

Thank you,


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