[Trilinos-Users] FYI: Epetra Performance Optimization Guide available

Michael A Heroux maherou at sandia.gov
Tue Mar 15 10:30:37 MST 2005


I want to alert you to the availability of a new document that discusses how
to get good performance from Epetra kernels.  There are a number of
practices that can have a very large impact on the performance of Epetra for
almost any use.  Note that many of the recommendation are relevant for
Epetra 3.3 (released with Trilinos 5.0) and future versions, and not
available for Epetra 3.1 (Trilinos 4.0).

Feedback and suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Here is the link:



Michael Heroux
Sandia National Laboratories
(320) 845-7695
maherou at sandia.gov

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