[Trilinos-Users] 2 important updates!

James Willenbring jmwille@sandia.gov
Wed, 27 Aug 2003 23:26:10 -0500

My apologies to anyone who receives this message twice.
This notice applies to the upcoming Trilinos 3.1 release and also to the
development branch of the repository.
1)       We have flattened the install (make install) directory
for Trilinos.
In the past, it has been necessary to specify an include path for each
Trilinos package that is installed, now only one include path will be
For an example, the header files for Epetra had been installed in
now the Epetra headers and the headers for all other installed packages
be located in
All libraries will continue to be installed in
2)       The set of Trilinos packages that builds by default has changed
The new set of default packages is:
EpetraExt (new)
ML (new)
New_Package (new)
NOX (new) - note that Loca will also build by default within the NOX
directory structure
Also, note that Komplex and Triutils no longer build by default.