[Trilinos-Announce] Notification: Tpetra ENV variables are now validated

Siefert, Chris csiefer at sandia.gov
Wed Feb 14 14:29:25 MST 2024

Trilinos Users,

After running into several instances where people had misspelled Tpetra environment variables (and run into unexpected behavior), the Tpetra team added code to Trilinos develop to validate any ENV variables that start with "TPETRA_."  If you enter an invalid Tpetra ENV variable, Tpetra will throw an error on initialization (which usually occurs the first time a map gets built).  One of the biggest offenders is using TPETRA_ASSUME_CUDA_AWARE_MPI instead of  TPETRA_ASSUME_GPU_AWARE_MPI.

If you see an error message like:

Environment variable "TPETRA_MY_WRONG_VARIABLE_NAME" (prefixed with TPETRA_) is not a recognized Tpetra variable

then you're trying to give Tpetra an invalid ENV variable. If you've curious about the details, you can see Carl Pearson's Trilinos PR here: https://github.com/trilinos/Trilinos/pull/12722 .  And as always, feel free to reach out to me or the Tpetra team if you have any issues or concerns.

Chris Siefert

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