[Trilinos-Announce] 2023 Trilinos User Group (TUG) Meeting Registration

Ober, Curtis C. ccober at sandia.gov
Thu Oct 12 15:55:25 MST 2023

Hi all,

We have a tentative agenda for TUG 2023<https://trilinos.github.io/trilinos_user-developer_group_meeting_2023.html> on the Trilinos website!  Please look it over.  At a high-level, the agenda is

  *   Monday PM, Oct. 30th – Kokkos Beginner's Tutorial
  *   Tuesday AM, Oct. 31st – Keynote Speaker and Area/Package Updates
  *   Tuesday PM, Oct. 31st – Trilinos Hackathon
  *   Wednesday AM/PM, Nov. 1st – Application and User Talks
  *   Thursday AM/PM, Nov. 2nd – Developer’s Day
Tutorial and Hack-a-thon
We are glad to have a Kokkos Beginner’s Tutorial the afternoon (1-5pm) of Monday Oct. 30th, 2023.  We had sufficient interest from the community to make this happen.  If you have not already, let us know of your interest in taking this tutorial, so we can get a reasonable estimate of attendees.  Thanks to Christian Trott for agreeing to this on short notice!

Also, we will have a Trilinos Hackathon Tuesday, Oct. 31st from 1-5pm, where Trilinos Developers will be available to help with questions for various Trilinos packages.  If you have not indicated your interest in the hackathon, please let us know for a head count and which packages you would like help with.

There is no registration fee for attendance; however, registration is required for reporting purposes.  Registration may be submitted through October 25, 2023.  Please send the completed registration form to Phyllis Rutka (mail to: parutka at sandia.gov<mailto:parutka at sandia.gov>).  After registration closes on October 25, you be emailed an invite for the meetings.  Please do not forward the invite as registration is needed to attend. Click here<https://trilinos.github.io/pdfs/2023_TUG_registration_form.pdf> for registration form (also see attachment).


Attending Virtually
If you are planning on attending virtually, please make sure you register for the day(s) you plan to join us by Oct. 25th. Sooner than later would help us!  😊

Attending In-Person

  *   If you are a non-Sandian and a non-US citizen, you will need to declare your intention by Oct. 2nd.  Otherwise, you will need to join us virtually.
  *   We will send you additional information on what is needed for you to attend in-person, so please do not delay.
  *   If from a sensitive country<https://www.srs.gov/general/tour/sensitive.htm>, please contact us by Aug. 28th or as soon as possible (sorry for the late notice) as the suggested lead time for the paperwork is 60-days.  We will do our best to get it processed.
  *   Please note that the process for some countries may take too long, and you may need to attend virtually.
  *   If you are a non-Sandian and a US citizen, please fill out the registration by Oct. 25th.  Otherwise, you will need to join us virtually.
  *   This will allow us time to complete the necessary paperwork to get you badged and able to gain entrance to CSRI.
  *   If you are a Sandian and a non-US citizen, please make sure Building CSRI is included on your FNRSP, and your registration reflects your in-person status.  Again by Oct. 25th.
  *   If you are a Sandian and a US citizen, please fill out the registration form by Oct. 25th.  Again, sooner would help us in the planning!
Let us know if you have any questions and looking forward to seeing at TUG 2023!


Phyllis Rutka – TUG Coordinator
Mike Heroux – Trilinos Lead
Curt Ober – Product Manager
Sam Browne – Framework Lead
Roger Pawlowski – Trilinos Core Lead
Christian Glusa – Solvers Lead
Mauro Perego – Discretizations and Analysis Lead
Jim Willenbring – Software Sustainability Lead
Siva Rajamanickam – Strategic Lead
Heidi Thornquist – Strategic Lead
Eric Phipps – Strategic Lead
Michael Wolf – Trilinos Manager

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