[Trilinos-Announce] Trilinos 15.0.0 Released

Browne, Samuel Elliott sebrown at sandia.gov
Thu Nov 16 11:19:58 MST 2023

Trilinos Community,

Trilinos 15.0.0 is now released and can be accessed at https://github.com/trilinos/Trilinos/releases/tag/trilinos-release-15-0-0

Notable changes below:


  *   Change the default for Trilinos_MUST_FIND_ALL_TPL_LIBS from OFF to

  *   Change the default for Trilinos_USE_GNUINSTALLDIRS from OFF to ON,
in the goal to move Trilinos and TriBITS to modern CMake.


  *   Updates to STRUMPACK, SuperLU_DIST, MUMPS and LAPACK adapters


  *   Randomized eigensolver
  *   Improved testing with Tpetra


  *   Extend GCRO-DR linear solver to use Kokkos linear algebra for GEMMA
  *   Improved testing with Tpetra


  *   4th kind Chebyshev smoother
  *   Algorithmic and performance improvements for BlockTriDiag and BlockJacobi.
  *   Stream based RILU(k) and triangular solves
  *   Optimize Kokkos Kernels MDF ILU(0) solver and expose it in Ifpack2
  *   Patch solver with data compression


  *   Better ML/MueLu compatibility (parameter translation, aggregation
algorithms, ..)
  *   Reitzinger-Schoberl type multigrid for Maxwell problems
  *   BlockCRS support
  *   Improved setup performance on device (TAFC Tpetra changes)
  *   Matrix-free multigrid with user-specified operators
  *   AMG for hierarchical matrices


  *   Refactored internal use of model evaluators
  *   LOCA Householder constraint solver can now be nested within a
Tempus transient problem (Tpetra version)


  *   FastILU algorithmic improvements and testing, new block version
  *   Transpose solve with Basker
  *   Tacho: runs with HIP.
  *   FROSch: fully recursive multi-level implementation
  *   FROSch: monolithic coarse spaces via partition-of-unity approach
  *   FROSch: GPU capabilities


  *   Use of half precision preconditioners (Ifpack2, MueLu, ShyLU/FROSch)


  *   Epetra dependency is now optional

Packages deprecated and removed from Trilinos:

  *   Domi
  *   FEI
  *   Komplex
  *   Moertel
  *   Pike
  *   Rythmos
  *   TriKota

-Framework Team

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