[Trilinos-Announce] change to Tpetra and GPU-aware MPI

Hu, Jonathan J. jhu at sandia.gov
Mon Nov 13 14:16:51 MST 2023

[bcc framework, leadership, stakeholders]


  Tpetra now defaults to assuming that MPI is GPU-aware.  Prior to the merge of https://github.com/trilinos/Trilinos/pull/12517, the default was to assume MPI was not GPU-aware.

If you are using an MPI variant that is not GPU-aware, you should take one of the following actions.  Otherwise, you’ll very likely encounter runtime failures/crashes.

  1.  Configure and rebuild Trilinos with -DTpetra_ASSUME_GPU_AWARE_MPI:BOOL=FALSE
  2.  At run time, set the environment variable export TPETRA_ASSUME_GPU_AWARE_MPI=0.

Note 1: Using non-GPU-aware MPI may result in less performant code.
Note 2: Some systems require additional environment variables to be set for GPU-aware MPI to be enabled (e.g. export MPICH_GPU_SUPPORT_ENABLED=1).  Please refer to your specific MPI’s documentation.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

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