[Trilinos-Announce] Trilinos Developer Requirements Gathering FY2024

Ober, Curtis C ccober at sandia.gov
Mon Jun 12 15:47:50 MST 2023

Hi Trilinos Developers,

Well, we are starting the requirements gathering for FY2024, and would like to collect the planned work and requests from Trilinos Developers for individual packages and the Framework.  At this point, we are not looking for those items that will be directly requested by applications, but more those items that are more internal focused, such as capabilities/features that are planned/needed for research (e.g., LDRD) or would improve Trilinos usability.

Obviously, there can be a chicken-n-egg dependency with application requests, so please include those items you are aware of that will require internal efforts.  We have sent an email to applications to collect their requirements, and we can create additional tasks and adjustments in light of that information later this summer.

In order to keep the list manageable and realistic, we ask that you only include items that you plan to work on and/or are critically needed in FY2024.  We do not want to generate a long list of items that we can neither staff nor fund.   Please repeat questions for each of your request(s).

Note that in addition to the above, we have a section asking about research and development needs for future Trilinos efforts.  Here we are looking for topics that applications will need in the next 5 years and require research and development prior to that need.

Please return the Word document to Phyllis Rutka (parutka at sandia.gov<mailto:parutka at sandia.gov>) by COB June 30th, 2023.

On behalf of the Trilinos Leadership Team,



Curtis C. Ober, Ph.D.
Computational Science, 1446
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ccober at sandia.gov<mailto:ccober at sandia.gov>

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