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Hi all,

As mentioned at the TUG meeting this year, Jim Willenbring will be focusing more on efforts related to Exascale Computing Project (ECP) and xSDK, and will be moving away from the core Framework Pull Request (PR) and Master Merge (MM) work.  Jim will still be part of the Trilinos Leadership, and will be taking on a new Product Area role, which has been tentatively named “Sustainable Software”.  However, Jim’s years of experience and leadership as the Framework Product Lead will be hard to replace, and thankfully will still be available to share his knowledge with us.

To try to fill Jim’s absence, we are going to split his job in two.  I will be taking on the Framework Product Lead role and handle strategic and longer-term planning.  This will have similarities to a traditional product-owner role and will provide guidance and priorities for the Framework.  Additionally, we will have a Framework PI role that will lead the Framework team to improve the Trilinos’s DevOps and CI/CD (e.g., PR/MM testing and releases), and to manage their sprints and tactical issues that develop.

I am happy to announce that Sam Browne (Sandia, Org. 1545) has agreed to become the PI for the Trilinos Framework.  Sam is part the Sierra DevOps (Sierra, the Sandia software and not Sierra, the LLNL HPC platform), and is familiar with improvements and challenges that both these large software projects are undertaking.  Hopefully, we can share and learn from each other’s experiences.  Sam will be starting next week and will begin the transition into this new role.

So please join me in welcoming Sam to the Trilinos Framework and the larger Trilinos community!



Curtis C. Ober, Ph.D.
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Computational Science, 1446
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