[Trilinos-Announce] Trilinos 20th Anniversary Celebration

Rutka, Phyllis A parutka at sandia.gov
Fri Nov 12 10:41:44 MST 2021

Good morning,

In anticipation of Trilinos's 20th anniversary celebration, we are looking for interesting stories (i.e. how the name was chosen), quirky tidbits (i.e. How do you actually pronounce Teuchos? Who is the most likely to be blamed in Git?), milestones through the years (i.e. R&D 100 poster), snapshots (i.e. of Mike Heroux and the Trilinos team in 2001), or funny anecdotes to share with TUG21 participants.  If you would like to share something, please forward to and Phyllis Rutka (parutka at sandia.gov<mailto:parutka at sandia.gov>) on or before November 22, 2021.

REMINDER:  If you haven't yet registered for TUG21, the form is attached for your convenience.



Phyllis Rutka
OAA to:
Si Hammond, 1422 - Scalable Computer Architecture
Ron Brightwell, 1423 - Scalable System Software
Dena Vigil, 1424 - Software Engineering & Research
844-0696 (office)  248-798-4904 (mobile)

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