[Trilinos-Announce] Tpetra deprecated code to be removed on December 16

Devine, Karen D kddevin at sandia.gov
Thu Dec 5 12:16:17 MST 2019

Tpetra code that was deprecated in Trilinos v12.16 will be removed from Trilinos' develop branch on or shortly after December 16, 2019.

Details on deprecated features are available at the Trilinos wiki page:


(Note:  only Tpetra and related deprecations will be merged on December 16; other packages' deprecations, listed in this document, may remain.)

The branch that will be merged with develop is trilinos/Trilinos:tpetra-remove-deprecated

Users can test their applications using the instructions in the PDF file above, or by building with the tpetra-remove-deprecated branch.

Please contact kddevin at sandia.gov with problems, questions or concerns related to the Tpetra deprecation.

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