[Trilinos-Announce] Trilinos 8.0.1 available for download

James Willenbring jmwille at sandia.gov
Fri Aug 31 16:25:58 MDT 2007


Trilinos Release 8.0.1 is available for download at the Trilinos website.
(Those who have CVS repository access can use the trilinos-release-8-0-1 tag
to checkout the code.)

The version 8.0 general release contains 30 packages: Amesos, Anasazi,
AztecOO, Belos, Didasko, Epetra, EpetraExt, Galeri, IFPACK, Isorropia,
Kokkos, Komplex, LOCA, Meros, ML, Moertel, MOOCHO, New_Package, NOX, Pliris,
PyTrilinos, RTOp, Rythmos, Sacado, Stratimikos, Teuchos, Thyra,
TrilinosCouplings, Triutils, and WebTrilinos.

In addition to many new features across the packages that were included in
the Trilinos 7.0 external release, Trilinos Release 8.0 contains three
packages that are being released for the first time:

- Belos (Next-generation Iterative Solvers)
- Sacado (Automatic Differentiation)
- TrilinosCouplings (Select Trilinos Package Interfaces)
Important information on changes to the Trilinos build process

Trilinos now supports a large set of make targets.  Prior to Trilinos 8.0,
"make" built libraries, tests, and examples.  Starting with Trilinos 8.0,
"make" builds only libraries.  Tests can be compiled using "make tests", and
examples using "make examples".  To build libraries, tests, and examples,
the "make everything" make target can be used.  Below is a listing of new
and modified make targets that will be most useful to users:
make - Builds just the libraries
make install - Installs just the libraries
make examples - Makes just the examples (assumes libraries are built)
make install-examples - Install the examples (assumes libraries are
make tests - Makes just the tests (assumes libraries are built)
make everything - Builds libraries, tests, and examples
make install-everything - Installs libraries and examples

Complete release notes can be found on the Trilinos website:

Please contact trilinos-help at software.sandia.gov if you have any problems.

On behalf of the entire Trilinos Development Team,

Mike Heroux
Jim Willenbring
Mike Phenow


Main Trilinos website: http://trilinos.sandia.gov
Download link: http://trilinos.sandia.gov/download/
Release Notes: http://trilinos.sandia.gov/release_notes-8.0.html

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