[Trilinos-Announce] Trilinos 7.0.0 available for download

James Willenbring jmwille at sandia.gov
Thu Sep 28 16:04:03 MDT 2006


Trilinos Release 7.0.0 is available for download at the Trilinos website.
The version 7.0 general release contains 27 packages: Amesos, Anasazi,
Didasko, Epetra, EpetraExt, Galeri, IFPACK, Isorropia, Kokkos, Komplex,
Meros, Moertel, MOOCHO, ML, New_Package, NOX, Pliris, PyTrilinos, RTOp,
Rythmos, Stratimikos, Teuchos, Thyra, Triutils, and WebTrilinos.

In addition to many new features across most packages, Trilinos Release 7.0
contains nine packages that are being released for the first time:

- Galeri (distributed linear system generation)
- Isorropia (repartitioning and rebalancing)
- Meros (segregated preconditioning)
- Moertel (Mortar methods)
- MOOCHO (Multifunctional Object-Oriented arCHitecture for Optimization)
- RTOp (reduction/transformation operators)
- Rythmos (transient integrator for ordinary differential equations and
  differential-algebraic equations)
- Stratimikos (unified set of Thyra-based wrappers to linear solver and
  preconditioner capabilities)
- WebTrilinos (web-based interface to some Trilinos packages - must be set
  on a user's server/machine)

Complete release notes can be found on the Trilinos website:


Please contact trilinos-help at software.sandia.gov if you have any problems.

On behalf of the entire Trilinos Development Team,

Mike Heroux
Jim Willenbring
Mike Phenow


Main Trilinos website: http://software.sandia.gov/trilinos
Download link: http://software.sandia.gov/trilinos/downloads.html
Tutorial: http://software.sandia.gov/trilinos/TrilinosTutorial.pdf
Release Notes: http://software.sandia.gov/trilinos/release_7.0_notes.html

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