[Trilinos-Announce] PyTrilinos Tutorial at the 2006 TUG

Bill Spotz wfspotz at sandia.gov
Fri Oct 27 11:01:38 MDT 2006

Hello all,

A short tutorial for building and using PyTrilinos, the python  
interface to Trilinos, has been scheduled as a part of the 2006 TUG  
on Wednesday, November 8 at 11:00.  This is intended to be a hands-on  
exploration of PyTrilinos, so if you will be attending the TUG and  
you intend to participate, you will need a laptop on which Trilinos  
has been compiled, as well as some additional software packages.  For  
full details, see the PyTrilinos Tutorial abstract, which can be  
obtained from the TUG schedule:


I hope you will join me in learning the joys of dynamic creation and  
use of Trilinos objects.

P.S.  If you have interest in the tutorial, but do not yet know  
python, rest assured that python is an extremely easy language to  
learn.  There is an online tutorial available,


and experienced programmers such as yourselves should be able to pick  
up all of the basics within an hour.  Trust me, you'll get hooked.

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