[Trilinos-Announce] Trilinos release 6.0 now available

James M Willenbring jmwille at sandia.gov
Wed Sep 14 08:54:17 MDT 2005



Trilinos Release 6.0 is available for download at the Trilinos website.
This version has a new package to support generic programming called Thyra
and major enhancements for many other packages.  Here is a link to the
release notes: http://software.sandia.gov/trilinos/release_6.0_notes.html.
Please read below for information about the new Trilinos versioning system
and more important links.
Please contact trilinos-help at software.sandia.gov if you have any problems.
On behalf of Project Leader Mike Heroux and the rest of the Trilinos
Development Team,
Jim Willenbring
Mike Phenow

Improved Trilinos Versioning System


The Trilinos Team is rolling out a new versioning system for Trilinos 6.0.
In the past, we have had a release x.y tarball available for download
throughout the whole release cycle and users with CVS access have simply
updated their release branches from time to time.  Now we will periodically
provide minor releases.  The first tarball posted to the web will be
Trilinos 6.0, the second, 6.0.1, then 6.0.2 and so on.  CVS users will
continue to be able to obtain the release branch which can be updated to the
very latest version in the usual fashion, but will have the added option of
specifying a specific minor release tag name.  The release branch will
continue to be called trilinos-release-6-0-branch.  The tag corresponding to
release 6.0 will be trilinos-release-6-0, the tag for 6.0.1 will be
trilinos-release-6-0-1 and so on.  We plan to provide a change log for the
minor releases, both in the Trilinos top-level directory and on the website.


We hope that the new system will help us to support users more efficiently,
and allow users to be certain that copies of Trilinos on multiple machines
are the same, and to know when downloading an updated tarball or updating a
CVS sandbox might prove beneficial.

Main Trilinos website: http://software.sandia.gov/trilinos
Download link: http://software.sandia.gov/trilinos/downloads.html
Tutorial: http://software.sandia.gov/trilinos/TrilinosTutorial.pdf
Release Notes: http://software.sandia.gov/trilinos/release_6.0_notes.html
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