[Trilinos-Announce] Trilinos Release 5.0 available

Michael A Heroux maherou at sandia.gov
Thu Mar 3 12:49:10 MST 2005

Release 5.0 of Trilinos is available for download at the Trilinos website.
This version has several new packages, and major enhancements to most other
packages.  Below is a brief set of release notes.  More details can be found
at the Trilinos website. Please contact trilinos-help at software.sandia.gov if
you have any problems.

On behalf of the rest of the Trilinos Development Team,

Mike Heroux
Jim Willenbring
Mike Phenow



Main Trilinos website: http://software.sandia.gov/trilinos

Download link: http://software.sandia.gov/trilinos/downloads.html

Release 5.0 Notes:

Tutorial: http://software.sandia.gov/trilinos/TrilinosTutorial.pdf

Brief release notes:


Trilinos is a collection of compatible software packages that support
parallel linear algebra computations, solution of linear, non-linear and
eigen systems of equations and related capabilities.  The majority of
packages are written in C++ using object-oriented techniques.  All packages
are self-contained, with the Trilinos top layer providing a common
look-and-feel and infrastructure.


The version 5.0 general release contains 17 packages: Amesos, Anasazi,
AztecOO, Didasko, Epetra, EpetraExt, Ifpack, Kokkos, Komplex, LOCA, ML,
New_Package, NOX, Pliris, PyTrilinos, Teuchos, and Triutils.  The limited
release contains an additional 9 packages that are available in special
situations by request. These are: Belos, Claps, Jpetra, Meros, Tpetra, TSF,
TSFCore, TSFCoreUtils and TSFExtended.

Some of the significant new features:

- Four new packages: Anasazi (Eigensolvers), Didasko (Tutorial), Pliris
(Distributed dense solvers), PyTrilinos (Python interface to Trilinos

- Trilinos tutorial delivered as part of a new package called Didasko.

- Kernel performance in Epetra substantially improved, especially for
multiple rights.

- Initial kernel support for vector architectures in Epetra.

- Significant improvements and enhancements in most existing packages.

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