[Trilinos-Announce] Trilinos Release 4.0 available

Michael A Heroux maherou@sandia.gov
Tue, 15 Jun 2004 13:23:17 -0500

Release 4.0 of Trilinos is available for download at the Trilinos website.
This version has many new packages and enhancements.  Below is a brief set
of release notes.  More details can be found at the Trilinos website.
Please contact trilinos-help@software.sandia.gov if you have any problems.


Main Trilinos website:

Download link:

Release 4.0 Notes:

Release 4.0 Tutorial:

Brief release notes:


Trilinos is a collection of compatible software packages that support
parallel linear algebra computations, solution of linear, non-linear and
eigen systems of equations and related capabilities.  The majority of
packages are written in C++ using object-oriented techniques.  All packages
are self-contained, with the Trilinos top layer providing a common
look-and-feel and infrastructure.


The version 4.0 general release contains 16 packages: Amesos, AztecOO,
Epetra, EpetraExt, Ifpack, Kokkos, Komplex, LOCA, ML, New_Package, NOX,
Teuchos, Triutils, TSFCore, TSFCoreUtils and TSFExtended.  The limited
release contains an additional 6 packages that are available in special
situations by request, and will be part of Release 5.0, presently scheduled
for February 2005.  These are: Anasazi, Belos, Jpetra, Meros, Pliris,

Features and associated packages in general release:

- Revised and expanded Trilinos tutorial.
- Flexible, parallel distributed data model that supports standard data
distributions, general 2D distributions of sparse and dense matrices, and
parallel data redistribution tools (Epetra, EpetraExt, Kokkos).
- Uniform access to a collection of third-party direct solver libraries,
including UMFPACK, DSCPACK, SuperLU (serial and distributed), MUMPS,
ScaLAPACK and KLU (Amesos).
- Algebraic, multi-level and domain decomposition preconditioners (ML,
- A collection of robust Krylov iterative methods with a flexible interface
for user-defined stopping criteria (AztecOO, Komplex).
- A collection of non-linear solvers, including tensor methods and
continuation algorithms (NOX, LOCA).
- A collection of generic interfaces that support development of abstract
numerical algorithms (TSFCore, TSFExtended).
- Utilities such portable C++ interfaces to the BLAS and a subset of LAPACK

- A prototype package to facilitate Trilinos-compatibility for new
development or existing software (New_Package).

Additional features and associated packages in limited release:

- Eigensolvers (Anasazi).
- Block Krylov linear solvers (Belos).
- Segregated preconditioners for fully coupled systems (Meros).
- Parallel distributed dense solvers (Pliris).
- Next generation C++ parallel distributed linear algebra classes (Tpetra).
- Parallel distributed linear algebra classes for Java programmers (Jpetra).

Michael Heroux
Sandia National Laboratories
(320) 845-7695