[Trilinos-Announce] Trilinos 3.1 available: Limited first announcement

Michael Heroux maherou@sandia.gov
Thu, 25 Sep 2003 13:01:38 -0500


The Trilinos development team is happy to announce that Trilinos 3.1 is
available for public download.  This is a limited first announcement sent
only to the Trilinos Announcements list.  We will send a broad public
announcement in about one week.

Release 3.1 contains a selection of packages from Trilinos.  Please visit
the Trilinos website for download and installation instructions:


If you have trouble downloading, installing or using Trilinos, please check
the Trilinos website for known issues.  If you are still unable to address
your problem, please send email to


Details of the packages in this release are below.

Best regards,
Mike Heroux
On behalf of the Trilinos development team

Release Packages Overview


IFPACK - Distributed algebraic preconditioner package. Includes incomplete
factorizations and relaxation-based preconditioners in domain decomposition
framework. Compatible with AztecOO.

ML - Multilevel, distributed memory algebraic preconditioners. Provides
multi-level, multigrid-like preconditioners for distributed linear systems.
Compatible with AztecOO.

Basic Linear Algebra Libraries

Epetra - Core linear algebra package. Facilitates construction and
manipulation of distributed and serial graphs, sparse and dense matrices,
vectors and multivectors.

EpetraExt - Extensions to the core linear algebra package, Epetra.

Linear Solvers

AztecOO - Preconditioned Krylov solver package. Supercedes Aztec 2.1. Solves
linear systems of equations via preconditioned Krylov methods. Uses Epetra
objects, compatible with IFPACK, ML and Aztec.

Nonlinear Solvers

NOX - Nonlinear solver package. Abstract and concrete classes for
construction and solution of nonlinear problems.

Utility Packages

TriUtils - TriUtils is a package of utilities used by many of the Trilinos

Templates for New Packages

"New Package" - A sample Trilinos package containing all of the
infrastructure to install a new package into the Trilinos framework.
Contains the basic directory structure, a collection of sample configuration
and build files and a sample "Hello World" package.