[Trilinos-Announce] FW: Next CRASS Talk

Mike Heroux mheroux@cs.sandia.gov
Fri, 1 Nov 2002 12:09:31 -0600

For those of you who have seen this announcement, please forgive the
duplicate, but there are a number of people on the Trilinos-Announce list
who did not see this, and I thought there might be some interest.


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> Subject: Next CRASS Talk
> Mike Heroux will give the next talk in the Computational Research at
> Sandia Seminars on Tuesday, November 5th at noon in 980/95.  The
> talk will be videolinked to 921/137 in California.
> - Bruce
>                        An Overview of software.sandia.gov
>                                    Mike Heroux
> The computer system software.sandia.gov is a new platform for supporting
> software engineering processes at Sandia.   This machine is a Linux PC on
> the Sandia Open Network (SON) with software engineering tools that are
> commonly used by the Open Source development community.
> Therefore it should
> be especially attractive for projects where collaboration with outside
> researchers is important.  This platform provides source code management
> capabilities (CVS), bug/feature tracking tools (Bugzilla), a mail list
> manager (Mailman), web-enable interfaces to CVS and Bugzilla
> (Bonsai), a web
> server for project websites, and a growing list of other tools.
> In this presentation we first provide an overview of
> software.sandia.gov in
> its current state.  This part of the presentation may be of interest to
> anyone looking at starting a new project, or wanting to formalize
> processes
> for an existing project.  The second part of the presentation
> will focus on
> how we are using software.sandia.gov for the Trilinos project, giving an
> example of how this platform is used to support our ongoing development
> efforts.
> Collaborators: Tammy Kolda, Paul Sery, Jim Willenbring