[Trilinos-Announce] New Trilinos package: Amesos

Mike Heroux mheroux@cs.sandia.gov
Fri, 1 Nov 2002 11:58:49 -0600


We have defined a new package in Trilinos called Amesos (pronounced
ah-may-soes).  Amesos will contain all classes in Trilinos that support the
use of direct sparse solvers.  We created this package in response to the
increased effort to provide direct solver support in Trilinos.  Presently we
plan to migrate existing classes, specifically the serial SuperLU and
Kundert sparse solver classes that are in Trilinos/contrib, and we will be
adding a class to support use of SuperLU_dist with Epetra objects.  Other
direct solver classes will also be added over time.

As with all Trilinos packages, there are four new mail lists:

Amesos-Announce 		Amesos Announcements
Amesos-Checkins 		Amesos-specific CVS commit log messages
Amesos-Developers 	Amesos Development Discussions
Amesos-Users 		Amesos User Forum

All lists are accessible at the URL


People with some interest in direct solver may wish to subscribe to
Amesos-Announce and perhaps Amesos-Users.  Those interested in design and
development discussions related to direct solvers should subscribe to

FYI: Keeping with the Greek theme for Trilinos, Amesos is Greek for "direct,
immediate, instant, prompt".

This is the only Amesos announcement to be made on the Trilinos-Announce
list.  Please subscribe to Amesos lists at this time if you want to be
informed about direct solvers in Trilinos.