Download 11.14

Trilinos Release 11.14.3

Download: .gz (126.43 MB), .bz2 (108.63 MB)

CRC checksum:
.gz 293421001
.bz2 2102968115

Total downloads: 458

Trilinos 11.14 was released in March 2015 and includes the following packages:

Amesos Galeri Moertel Rythmos ThreadPool
Amesos2 GlobiPack MOOCHO Sacado Thyra
Anasazi Ifpack NOX SEACAS Tpetra
AztecOO Ifpack2 Optika Shards TriKota
Belos Intrepid OptiPack ShyLU TrilinosCouplings
CTrilinos Isorropia Pamgen STK Trios
Didasko Kokkos Phalanx Stokhos Triutils
Epetra Komplex Piro Stratimikos Xpetra
EpetraExt LOCA Pliris Sundance Zoltan
Fei Mesquite PyTrilinos Teko Zoltan2
ForTrilinos ML RTOp Teuchos

For more details about the release, view the release notes and the changelog, and the license.

Instructions for the Trilinos CMake build system can be found here.

Trilinos Release 11.14.2
Download: .gz (126.43 MB), .bz2 (108.63 MB)

CRC checksum:
.gz 3721099034
.bz2 3298893749
Total downloads: 265

Trilinos Release 11.14.1
Download: .gz (126.42 MB), .bz2 (108.64 MB)

CRC checksum:
.gz 3635894073
.bz2 447153106
Total downloads: 439

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