Trilinos packages deliver a wide array of capabilities ranging from basic linear algebra to linear and nonlinear solvers and time integrators. Trilinos provides growing capabilities in problem formulation tools such as automatic differentiation and problem partitioning support. The table below matches various capabilities to the Trilinos packages that deliver those capabilities.

Capability Package(s)
Basic Linear Algebra Libraries 
Linear algebra objects Epetra, EpetraExt, Tpetra, Jpetra, Kokkos
ILU-type preconditioners AztecOO, IFPACK, Ifpack2
Multilevel preconditioners ML
Block Preconditioners Meros, Teko
Linear Solvers 
Direct dense solvers Epetra, Teuchos, Pliris
Krylov solvers AztecOO, Belos, Komplex
Direct sparse linear solvers Amesos, Amesos2
Nonlinear, Transient, and Optimization Solvers 
Nonlinear system solvers NOX, LOCA, Piro GlobiPack
Optimization (SAND) MOOCHO
Optimization and UQ (non-invasive) TriKota OptiPack
Embedded UQ Stokhos
Time Integration/DAEs Rythmos
Eigenvalue problems Anasazi
Automatic Differentiation 
Automatic Differentiation Sacado
Domain Decomposition 
Domain decomposition CLAPS
Mortar methods Moertel
Repartitioning / Rebalancing 
Repartitioning / Rebalancing Isorropia, Zoltan
Abstract Interfaces and Adapters 
Abstract interfaces Thyra
Skins, wrappers, interfaces PyTrilinos, WebTrilinos, Stratimikos, CTrilinos, ForTrilinos, Star-P
C++ Utilities, (some) I/O Teuchos, TriUtils, EpetraExt,
Vector redution transformation operators RTOp
Matrix gallery Galeri
GUI Tools Optika
Threading ThreadPool
I/O Utilities SEACAS
Simulation Tools Sundance
Mesh Generation, Improvement, and Adaptivity 
Mesh Generation PAMGEN
Mesh Improvement and Adaptivity Mesquite
Discretization Utilities 
Discretization Utilities Intrepid, Shards, Phalanx, FEI
Mesh Databases phdMesh, STK
Trilinos Tutorial Didasko
Archetype package New_Package
Demonstration TrilinosCouplings