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Welcome to the Trilinos Project Home Page

The Trilinos Project is an effort to develop algorithms and enabling technologies within an object-oriented software framework for the solution of large-scale, complex multi-physics engineering and scientific problems. A unique design feature of Trilinos is its focus on packages.

Trilinos 11.12 Release

Trilinos 11.12 is now available for download. The 11.12 release uses a CMake build system, which requires CMake version 2.8.11 or greater. Instructions for building Trilinos 10.0 and later are available here.

What Trilinos Can Do: Trilinos Capability Areas

The Trilinos Capability Area homepage organizes Trilinos capabilities into nine collections of functionality and describes which packages are relevant to each area.  This discussion is especially useful for new Trilinos users.

Trilinos User Group 2014

The 2014 Trilinos User Group Meeting (TUG) was held October 27th-30th in Albuquerque. For more information, visit the TUG 2014 Homepage.

EuroTUG 2014

The 2014 European Trilinos User Group Meeting was held June 30th – July 1st in Lugano Switzerland, just prior to the 8th International Workshop on Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Applications (PMAA14).

What happened to

The former Trilinos User homepage,, has been shut down, and web traffic is being redirected to  If you click on a link on the site, and end up back at the homepage, most likely that link still points to and needs to be updated.  We have cleaned up most links back to the old site, but are aware of more.  If you find one before we get it fixed, you can either wait for us to fix it, or send a note to  Thank you for your patience.

 Trilinos Packages

Each Trilinos package is a self-contained, independent piece of software with its own set of requirements, its own development team and group of users. Because of this, Trilinos itself is designed to respect the autonomy of packages. Trilinos offers a variety of ways for a particular package to interact with other Trilinos packages. It also offers a set of tools that can assist package developers with builds across multiple platforms, generating documentation and regression testing across a set of target platforms. At the same time, what a package must do to be called a Trilinos package is minimal, and varies with each package.

Trilinos 9.0 (Autotools Build System)

The Autotools build system is no longer available starting with Trilinos 10.0. Users can still download the 9.0 release for access to the Autotools build system.